• chicagolightginlint
    I know how it will go. If I close my eyes I can see the whole dizzying trek into the future. Not all the way to the end, but far enough to realize that whatever that is in the distance is inevitable. There's no changing it. ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part Two
  • ruletheworld
    So that's your ultimate goal? To take over the world?___ "We've started a religions and that's what religions do." ~ Diary of a Heretic
  • whatyouwant
    Why is it, when the one thing you've always wanted finally appears--it's here; it's yours--it's already practically gone? ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part Three
  • chicagobuildings
    I flinch and feel a tremor underfoot, as if the energy at the source of everything just dropped a notch. ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part Three
  • hotel hallways, angels by one door.
    "A hush fell and a palpable charge ran between Carlos and me. The world went silent and then the maids outside the hotel room sang a lilting roundelay up and down and the hallway." ~ Diary of a Heretic
  • midday
    At midday, I face various supplicants, desperate for me to relieve their suffering. Meanwhile, I stand in perpetual bright twilight, watching ephemeral specks of silvery dust. ~ Diary of Heretic


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