• chicagooverview
    At the meeting, I said, “There is no alternative, unless you want to spend your life blotting out the basic questions. Ordering yourself to shut up, don’t think! How are you going to suppress everything you wonder about? Everything you dream?” ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part Two
  • tray of sweets
    People eat but with such rapt concentration the act borders on prayer. ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part III
  • sky
    I will never get out. The clouds out the windows roll forward and back like infinitely big car wash brushes. I’m a blank, a lump, a foam rubber mound on a brocade zephyr. And nothing will ever change. ~ Diary of Heretic, Part II
  • beekmanrailings
    "That's the thing. I have to rise above myself and whether my precious, stinking soul is pure." ~ Diary of Heretic, Part Three
  • beekmanbalcony (1)
    I turn away from the balcony and bow my head. I need to convince myself that the room, the people, the babbling voices are real. ~ "Diary of a Heretic," Part III


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  • Read This, Revised Agenda

        Earlier I announced this series would soon disappear. That's changed. On vacation, I discovered the first half was a complete novel in itself. So the Work-in-Progress has a healthy, new shelf life.  In the first novel, Walter narrates his story, which shows him taking... Read More ›