• hotel hallways, angels by one door.
    "A hush fell and a palpable charge ran between Carlos and me. The world went silent and then the maids outside the hotel room sang a lilting roundelay up and down and the hallway." ~ Diary of a Heretic
  • railroad
    "Loneliness is the starting point for spiritual awareness." ~ Carlos in Diary of a Heretic
  • chicagobuildings
    I flinch and feel a tremor underfoot, as if the energy at the source of everything just dropped a notch. ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part Three
  • midday
    At midday, I face various supplicants, desperate for me to relieve their suffering. Meanwhile, I stand in perpetual bright twilight, watching ephemeral specks of silvery dust. ~ Diary of Heretic
  • plate of eclairs
    I do this benediction thing where I drizzle chocolate on eclairs, which are then passed out to everyone in the place. The followers wait and watch while I eat mine first. ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part Three


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