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    "I want every moment back. The good because they passed too fast, the bad because perhaps with another chance, I would make them right." ~ "Diary of a Heretic"
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    "Do you want to spend your life blotting out the basic questions? How are you going to suppress everything you wonder about, everything you dream?" ~ Diary of a Heretic
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    Why is it, when the one thing you've always wanted finally appears--it's here; it's yours--it's already practically gone? ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part Three
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    I flinch and feel a tremor underfoot, as if the energy at the source of everything just dropped a notch. ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part Three
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    I know how it will go. If I close my eyes I can see the whole dizzying trek into the future. Not all the way to the end, but far enough to realize that whatever that is in the distance is inevitable. There's no changing it. ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part Two


Flash Fictions

  • Crazy Women

    Crazy Women    Edward says I assault him with my beliefs like a machine-gun, hoping a... Read More ›

  • Birdsong

    Birdsong: A man wakes in the hospital   No space, no time, no Thomas. And then—how... Read More ›

Work in Progress

  • Stranger Things Have Happened

    17. Stranger Things Have Happened:   Jasper and his agent, Jeffrey, met for lunch to discuss Jasper’s interview with Sung and the London casting supervisor, Celia Morton. The three of them had shared favorite tropes and scenes from the 007 books and movies, and agreed on what was... Read More ›

  • Fifty-Fifty

    16. Fifty-Fifty: Sasha demanded he split his earnings with her 50-50.   Typically, when he insisted Sasha check into rehab, she laughed. What did he know? A nondrinker—a teetotaler—he couldn’t compare bumps or puffs to a splash of wine. Only recently had Sasha begun to worry him,... Read More ›