• city church
    Staring straight into the sky, I anticipated a peeling away of everything, including myself. The scene was about to tear, and through the crack, a jagged line of truth would show. ~ "Diary of a Heretic," Part II
  • jubileedoh
    "I can see every molecule in the room: They look like infinitesimal, incandescent sailboats. Carlos, holding a tray of fresh eclairs, taps me on the shoulder. “Don’t go too far, man, you might not get back.” ~from Diary of a Heretic
  • green gong Malcolm uses for meditating
    "...Officially I'm meditating. Not fuming that Maggie's abandoned me. Not fighting back tears over the extravagancy of relinquishing this moment for the next, the moment for the one just past." ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part III
  • image of icons on table
    "The ersatz benedictions. The weeks on end isolation. If he hadn't asked me, blunt in hand, Did I mind? I would have lost my mind." ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part II
  • lake michigan
    "The waves crashed and churned. The magic words, the lost prayer, the boys' promises sprayed up from the lake." ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part Two
  • unreal supplicants in a Buddhist temple
    "Once or twice, I opted for a regular handshake, but it simply did not suffice. Better to touch their temples than to have them pound their noses on the floor." ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part Three


Flash Fictions

Work in Progress

  • Thirteen Years Later

    All night, Amanda woke beneath a great, pendulous breast and nipple. Surrounding it on the living room ceiling were ruffled ribbons of meringue. Stacks of boxes formed a maze around her platform bed. The murky amber cast from the streetlights added to the way-station atmosphere. Layered in... Read More ›