• George Tooker painting
    Maggie's saying, "Balance. We need to achieve balance." But she's not really here. This is fill-in time. In the waiting area." ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part Three
  • malcolmsroom
    I cannot leave this room unless I want to face supplicants bowing and scraping, weeping and wailing for miracles I cannot even pretend to perform ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part Two
  • image of griffin from St. Peter's for Diary of a Heretic quote
    "Hadn't I just commanded them to rip into me? So, I inched off the stage slowly, as slowly as if trying to sneak out of a lion's lair..." ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part Three
  • plate of eclairs
    I do this benediction thing where I drizzle chocolate on eclairs, which are then passed out to everyone in the place. The followers wait and watch while I eat mine first. ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part Three
  • ghosts in subway tunnel
    We run through our miserable paces, think our guessable thoughts, and try not to notice the widening abysss beneath our feet. ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part Three


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