• beekmanrailings
    "That's the thing. I have to rise above myself and whether my precious, stinking soul is pure." ~ Diary of Heretic, Part Three
  • beekmanbalcony (1)
    I turn away from the balcony and bow my head. I need to convince myself that the room, the people, the babbling voices are real. ~ "Diary of a Heretic," Part III
  • aminute
    "I don't need a tranquilizer. All I need is a minute." (Malcolm to Maggie and Carlos) ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part III
  • pianoroomslider
    "Real time, real life, real debt: Those things don't disappear. Sex, love, even prayer have zero impact on financial ruin." ~ Diary of a Heretic Part III
  • city church
    Staring straight into the sky, I anticipated a peeling away of everything, including myself. The scene was about to tear, and through the crack, a jagged line of truth would show. ~ "Diary of a Heretic," Part II


  • Prude Daddy

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  • Midsummer Night

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Flash Fictions

Work in Progress

  • Not So Quiet Desperation

    No tongues, no heaving lungs, no hidden crevices or swollen tributaries, no racing, breaking hearts—that was Amanda’s secret refrain. When the girls fell asleep, Walter built a fire and queued up jazz songs to fill the already hypnotic air with other multiple, moving peaks and valleys. All... Read More ›