• plate of eclairs
    I do this benediction thing where I drizzle chocolate on eclairs, which are then passed out to everyone in the place. The followers wait and watch while I eat mine first. ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part Three


  • Find the Boy

    (from "Diary of a Heretic," Part Three, Failure Makes You More of Who You Are) Just find Mad Mike... Read More ›

  • Crazy Women

    Edward says I assault him with my beliefs like a machine-gun, hoping a bullet might lodge in his... Read More ›

Flash Fictions

  • Birdsong

    No space, no time, no Thomas. And then—how inevitable: Time kicks in. I’m Thomas again, or... Read More ›

  • Super Powers

    Just before Miranda started high school, she and her mother moved from New York City’s upper west... Read More ›

Work in Progress

  • Playing House

    Chloe said the purity of the mist was such that two tiny spurts lifted you all day. It had stung Amanda’s tongue in fast sprays of one-two; three-four. Yet the dispenser still looked full, like an unused fragrance sample. Hours later, she found that being alive and alone in this state caused the... Read More ›