• dohmuseum copy
    I came to the museum to get out of the wind. I came to be among other real-life people with real-life lives; and for the museum's pigment-preserving lighting, which seems so much more natural than the transient light outside. I came because if I remained outdoors by myself another minute, the sky and lake, the blistering wind, cars racing past--all of it might dissolve at any second. ~ Diary of a Heretic
  • vivid picture of Overlook Mountain ruins
    "I want every moment back. The good because they passed too fast, the bad because perhaps with another chance, I would make them right." ~ "Diary of a Heretic"
  • I flapped suspended, caught in an air pocket as a swift shadow flitted past
    I flapped suspended, caught in an air pocket as a swift shadow flitted past. ~ Diary of a Heretic
  • Chicago buildings near river
    I flinch and feel a tremor underfoot, as if the energy at the source of everything just dropped a notch. ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part Three
  • Malcolm's Discover, quote from "Diary of a Heretic"
    After a lifetime of fear, it turns out that none of my inadequacies matter. I soar over and under the backs of clouds. ~ Diary of a Heretic
  • Diary of a Heretic quote: photos of Lake Michigan beach near Northwestern
    I know how it will go. If I close my eyes I can see the whole dizzying trek into the future. Not all the way to the end, but far enough to realize that whatever that is in the distance is inevitable. There's no changing it. ~ Diary of a Heretic, Part Two
  • Slider Quotes
    "Do you want to spend your life blotting out the basic questions? How are you going to suppress everything you wonder about, everything you dream?" ~ Diary of a Heretic


Flash Fictions

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  • Almost James Bond

    Almost James Bond, serial fiction, 28:   Standing beside Jasper, Brooke took a small step away from him. The distance would have allowed him to see her head to toe. Instead, he stared at the ground, turned a bit to the left—and lifted his eyes past the distant treetops to the... Read More ›

  • Half Shell

    Half Shell, serial fiction, 27: Jasper admitted Tara was right. He was wrong and needed to run. They’d talk later. Or no, he shouldn’t talk to Tara about her sister. “I’ll see a professional.” “Get real,” Tara said. “You’re James Bond—unless you fuck up.” After two... Read More ›